Earthquakes, Hurricanes and Back-to-School – Oh My

In one week, this very week, I will have endured an earthquake, a hurricane (Irene, coming Saturday), and the start of my daughter’s 8th grade year. I’ve also had to face the realization that next year she’ll be in high school.

This morning, as a special treat, I decided to cook my star student breakfast before she headed off to school (scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese – one of her favorites). When she came downstairs for breakfast, she was wearing shorts that were far too short for my taste. My wife took one look at me, noticing the look on my face, and said: “I know what you’re thinking. You need to go to the office and leave me to handle this.” Of course she was right and I headed out the door for another day at work. If there had been a confrontation, it wasn’t going to go well and certainly wouldn’t have been a good way for any of us to start the day.

Like everyone else, I’d prefer not to deal with natural disasters (hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes). We’ve already had our fair share of those this year. In truth, I’ve got more than I can handle with a 13-year-old blond haired, blue eyed, self assured bundle of attitude and emotion. She’s more like a “natural wonder” than a natural disaster – but can have an equally devastating impact on our household. Eye rolling. Foot stomping. Verbally emoting. Mirror gazing. And a ton of mumbling. It makes me feel like I’m losing my hearing – and my mind.

All that being said, she is one person who wants to read what I write; gets excited when I have an article or book chapter published; misses me when I travel (reportedly); and actually monitors my blog traffic. Every once in a while she’ll Google my name to see what pops up – and she’s visibly impressed by what she finds. We share a passion for reading, writing and solitude. She also shares my love for PF Changs, pizza and Mexican food. From an astrological perspective, we’re both crazy Aries with well defined traits of competitiveness, impulsiveness, and the instinct to act spontaneously. And we’re each trying to make our mark on the world (expression of the ego).

Now that I think about it, despite the natural disasters, life is great. I’m one lucky man. So bring on the next set of challenges. I’m ready to take on the world, as long as it doesn’t involve really short shorts!

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