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The iPad Enabled Medical Practice

Have you ever sat in a doctor’s office where the physician had to turn his or her back to you in order to type notes into their desktop computer or immobile laptop? Running an EHR system on a desktop can be cumbersome and hinder that all-important physician-patient relationship. But taking that technology to the iPad or some other mobile device can help to alleviate the problem. The Software Advice blog recently had an interesting post discussing this exact issue. Within his post, guest blogger Marty Briggs of HealthFusion talks about this change in the practice of medicine and discusses the possibilities of an iPad-enabled practice as technology advances. (HealthFusion develops web-based, cloud computing software for physicians, hospitals and medical billing services.)

As Briggs points out, the full potential of the iPad has not yet been reached, primarly because the technology is not yet there to effectively integrate EHRs with  the iPad:

“According to Software Advice, the majority of the most prominent EMR products can only display their software on the iPad over a network using slow-running, remote access software (think of running your EMR through webinar software like Webex or Go-To-Meeting). The EMR application is not actually running on the iPad or the iPad browser. Instead, the remote access application is allowing you to view the application, as if you were at a desktop or laptop. This approach allows physicians to access their old-fashioned, EMR but the experience is slower and not optimized for iPad use and fingertip touch.” (Source: Software Advice Blog, August 17, 2011)

This is a fascinating post that sheds light on both the opportunities and challenges in converting to iPad use within the clinical space. Is the iPad the ideal mobile computing solution for the industry? To check out the blog post go to

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