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New Book: Joe Public Doesn’t Care About Your Hospital

My friend Chris Bevolo has just published his new book titled Joe Public Doesn’t Care About Your Hospital.  If you’ve met Chris or heard him speak at a conference, you know what to expect from his latest work. It is thought provoking, funny and engaging. (Chris is the originator of the Arrogant Healthcare Marketing Bastards podcast I’ve written about in the past.)

A couple of months ago Chris and his publisher asked me to preview the new book and write a review. I was honored by the request and happy to comply. After reading the manuscript, here’s what I had to say in my review:

Chris Bevolo’s latest manifesto is a rallying cry for healthcare marketers who are besieged by internal marketing pressures that are unrelated to strategy. Meanwhile, our world is rapidly changing due to a number of factors including healthcare reform, economic uncertainty, and empowered consumers carrying more of the financial load for their care. It is in this context that healthcare marketers are being asked deliver something new: measurable value to their organizations. To accomplish that objective we must reinvent the ways in which we market our hospitals and health systems while answering one really important question for healthcare consumers: “So what?”

If you read one book about healthcare marketing this year, this should be it! Here’s the official link to information on the book:

You can also find the book on Amazon:

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