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The Power of Online Video

In March 2011 Swedish Medical Center in Seattle posted three videos on YouTube that show, among other things, Dr. James Porter, medical director of robotic surgery at Swedish giving his daughter a manicure using the da Vinci surgical robot. The videos demonstrate how this device gives surgeons greater surgical precision and dexterity over existing approaches. Another video shows the surgeon lacing up a football using the da Vinci robot while a third shows the surgeon making a paper airplane. The paper airplane video has been viewed 468,915 times! You can tell people about the power of the da Vinci robot but it is far more powerful to show them. And, in general, you are far more likely to get them to view a video than read an article about the device. In my estimation, this is a great use of video. See all three below. I also encourage you to visit Swedish on YouTube or on their blog.

Post by Dan Dunlop, The Healthcare Marketer

2 comments on “The Power of Online Video

  1. So cool – great videos!

  2. Just goes to show you how powerful online video can be to get your message out. If you are in a B2B or B2C business, you should leverage video online. The best place I’ve seen for affordable, high quality video is

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