Social Media Judo

Social media books are a dime a dozen. Well, here’s another one to add to the list. Ivy Worldwide, the social media agency, recently contacted me about the release of  its new book, Social Media Judo, by Chris Aarons, Geoff Nelson and Nick White with Dan Zehr. If nothing else, you’ve got to love the title.

The authors claim that by using the techniques found in Social Media Judo, marketers now have the information necessary to create their own “judo moves” that will

* Increase sales
* Cut marketing costs
* Boost engagement and, most importantly
* Pay for themselves with real revenue

Based on successful social media campaigns for major corporations as Hewlett-Packard Corporation, Adobe, AMD, AT&T, LG Electronics, Microsoft and Time, Inc. as well as a number of startups, the authors proved that social media marketing is effective in achieving maximum results without much effort on the part of the clients. Many companies start to use social media, but once it begins to work, they consider their campaign finished—they do not leverage the enormous untapped potential that is available with just a little more effort. The authors detail the best ways to help any business become “greater than the sum of its parts.” This is a huge point!

According to the press release announcing the book’s launch: “Social Media Judo is a compelling read, full of fantastic information for any marketer that is trying to increase his or her company’s ROI through the very powerful medium of social media. The authors don’t hesitate to share their early failures as well as their successes, explaining how they rebounded after a particularly disastrous media campaign. They used their lowest point as a springboard for great success, and they offer concepts that can be utilized by any business, regardless of their size or what they are trying to sell.”

You can find more information and order a copy of the book at

Post by Dan Dunlop, The Healthcare Marketer

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