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Lingerie Firm Uses Bras To Support Breast Cancer Charity

Recently I read about a little lingerie shop in Dorchester, UK, that is running a bra recycling campaign designed to support the Against Breast Cancer charity ( According to Shirley Ryan, owner of Mirari Lingerie, the used bras brought in by local women are either recycled or sent to developing countries. In my mind, this takes sustainability practices to a whole new level! Kudos to Shirley and her staff! For each recycled bra, a cash donation is made to Against Breast Cancer. This unique recycling program was recently featured in an article in the Dorset Echo. It is truly an uplifting story!

BCR Global Textiles, an organization that specializes in recycling and re-purposing textiles, is partnering with Mirari Lingerie to sponsor the bra recycling program. BCR is a family business in the UK that provides inexpensive clothing to people in third world countries while encouraging recycling at home. You can visit this interesting business online at For more about BCR’s breast cancer campaign go to To date BCR Global Textiles has raised £65,219.92 through its Breast Cancer Campaign. It’s goal is to raise a total of £1.5 million.

Post by Dan Dunlop, The Healthcare Marketer

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