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Hashtagify.me – Explore Twitter Hashtag Relationships

Last week I was contacted by Daniele Mazzini, the developer behind Hashtagify.me – a website about twitter hashtags. The site allows users to visually explore the relationships between various hashtags. For example, if you regularly use the #hcsm hashtag, what are other common, related hashtags in use? See the graphic below:

Why a tool to help you find new hashtags? In Twitter, hashtags help to bring order to the content you want to find, allowing you to sort content by subject matter, but finding the most relevant tags can be a hurdle in itself. I find that many people are not clued in to the use of hashtags. Using Hashtagify.me you can quickly learn about other hashtags that you may find to be of interest. It is that simple. In the example above, someone interested in #hcsm may not have been familiar with #hcsmeu, #hitsm, #socpharm, or #mhealth before using Hashtagify.me.

Today Daniele is launching a new “top influencers” feature on hashtagify.me. So, in addition to learning about specific hashtags, you will also get a list of the top six influencers using that specific hashtag. See below for an example using the #hscm hashtag:

This is an interesting and useful graphical tool to help the user learn about Twitter influencers. The data is based on the last two months of tweets.  The influence – and the rankings – are determined based on the activity of each user for a given hashtag, the number of followers and the quantity of retweets he or she receives. If you’re active in a given niche, these influencers are people that you will most likely want to follow. I encourage you to check out the site and experiment with the features, particularly the advanced options.

Post by Dan Dunlop, The Healthcare Marketer

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