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A few months ago I started using as a tool for understanding Twitter’s potential impact. Using TweetReach, you can find the reach and impressions for a given hashtag, Twitter user (@dandunlop), phrase or URL. Here’s a sample report where I searched for my Twitter handle. This free report shows the impact of my last several tweets. You can’t see it in the screen shot below, but the report goes on to show the last 31 tweets where my Twitter handle was mentioned.

Here’s how TweetReach describes its service:

“TweetReach is a social analytics tool that provides detailed metrics on the impact of your social media conversations. It’s a dead simple way to measure how many accounts received your tweets, how far your message has traveled, and who is influencing the conversation about your brand or product.

If you’re analyzing the reach of a brand, a marketing campaign, or an event on Twitter, then TweetReach is for you. Hundreds of social marketers, event producers, and agencies use TweetReach to measure the response, engagement and effectiveness of their campaigns.” lets you easily identify the most active individuals tweeting about a given subject over a compressed period of time (#hcsm and #hcmktg, for example). It also gives you a snapshot view of those individuals and influencers who are most frequently retweeting your content. When you have a special event, you can launch a special event hashtag and then use TweetReach to track the reach and impressions of your Twitter effort surrounding that event. This becomes interesting data to share within your organization.

One caution about TweetReach data: In my view, the data represent the potential reach and potential number of impressions, versus the actual number of impressions. Their assumes that when someone retweets your information, all of their followers see that retweet. In actuality, we know that is not the case. None-the-less, it is impressive to see the potential of a single tweet, understanding that we only reach a fraction of those potential viewers.

It is also worth noting that when using the free version of TweetReach, it only pulls the 50 most recent tweets. If your search term generates more than 50 tweets, you’ll see a link where you can buy the full report. A full report costs $20 and you can pay with any major credit card or PayPal. So, for a very active hashtag like #hcsm (healthcare social media) those tweets may only go back 1 hour. If you take gathering Twitter metrics seriously, you’ll want to consider using their professional version. Professional plans start at $84 per month.

Post by Dan Dunlop, The Healthcare Marketer

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  1. thats wonderful tool

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  3. Very interesting web site- thanks for telling everyone about it.

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