Stress Relief

Stressed Spelled Backwards

After reading my blog yesterday, my friend Linda MacCracken sent me an email saying how much she enjoyed my most recent post about how I turn to my gardens for stress relief. She commented that while she was on a recent trip to St. Petersburg, Florida, she saw a bakery sign that read: “Stressed is desserts spelled backwards.” She mentioned that she felt my approach to stress was the better one.



I wasn’t aware of this but there is even a blog called Stressed Spelled Backward. It is full of recipes that I imagine are designed to reduce stress. Check it out at By the way, I want it known that I do not endorse eating as a way to deal with stress. Although I will add that last night my family had a wonderful Tex-Mex squash casserole for dinner that included peppers and Zucchini from our vegetable garden! It was delicious, although I went a little heavy on the Jalapenos so it had a real kick. Good for the sinuses.

Post by Dan Dunlop, The Healthcare Marketer

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