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Integration: Translating a Print Campaign to Television

I’m a big fan of fully integrated campaigns. Frankly, they stretch your budget and make each component of your marketing work harder. In 2010 my firm created an integrated campaign for Cooper University Hospital in the Philadelphia Market. The campaign included online, print, outdoor and transit components. However, the initial campaign did not include TV. Here are some of the ads from the original campaign:

I was curious to see how this unique campaign would translate into television. We just finished the first two spots and I’m pleased with the outcome. The “Numbers Campaign” has now come to video. The commercials work perfectly with the campaign, maintaining the distinct look and tonality. It is a look and feel that is uniquely appropriate for this academic medical center in Camden, New Jersey, with the busiest trauma center in the region. (Not your typical lifestyle advertising.) Take a look at the introductory spots for Heart and Oncology Services:

Post by Dan Dunlop, The Healthcare Marketer

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