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A Collection of Hospital Print Ads

In preparation for a series of consumer focus groups, I’ve been gathering hospital print ads that can be tested with each group. I’ll be testing consumers’ reactions to complete ads as well as to specific images within ads: technology images, patient images, physician images and illustrations. Some of these ads are more current and better executed than others, but I always find it interesting to look at what various hospitals are doing across the country. I’ve assembled a few of the ads for your review. Let me know what you think.

2 comments on “A Collection of Hospital Print Ads

  1. I’ve been seeing a trend in using handwritten copy instead of a font. Perhaps it gives the ad more of a human feel instead of the corporate hospital identity. This is more effective in headlines, because of the legibility.
    I do like the ads for Concord Center for Cardiac Care. The photos are amusing, and tell a story themselves, engaging the reader and encouraging them to learn more. There is also a consistancy in the appearance of ads that reinforce the brand.

  2. upasna mishra

    These are the really very meaning full add.

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