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When the Healthcare Marketer Becomes the Patient

One of my challenges as a marketer is that I become very close to the brands and organizations my firm promotes. My attachment continues long after our formal relationship has ended (yes, I’ve come to understand that all client relationship eventually come to an end). I worked with UNC Health Care for nearly 14 years before moving on to other opportunities. As someone who lives in UNC’s backyard, I still receive their mailings and continue to follow their progress with interest. After helping to create the brand, UNC Health Care is in my blood.

In the most recent issue of UNC Health Care’s Well Magazine (not yet posted on their website), my longtime colleague, Karen McCall, is featured on the cover. Karen has been an important figure in my career and remains a good friend. The magazine’s cover story details her health crisis in 2004 when she suffered a pair of mini strokes while vacationing with her family. The stroke episode was particularly surprising given Karen’s healthy lifestyle; she is a dedicated bike rider who often chooses to ride 5 miles to work. Karen and her husband Neal take biking vacations and ride a very cool tandem bike.

Karen now finds herself in the role of health promoter and advocate/spokesperson for stroke awareness. She is a member of the Justus-Warren Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention Task Force and chairs the Stroke Advisory Council. Today she is on a mission to make sure that everyone has access to outstanding stroke care such as that offered by the UNC Stroke Center (a multidisciplinary program that incorporates state-of-the-art approaches in caring for patients with stroke or other cerebrovascular disorders).

I’ve always thought that Karen is a remarkable person, never more so than today. I congratulate UNC on recognizing the power of her story and for telling it well. Here’s the link to Well Magazine. Hopefully UNC Health Care will post the latest issue (Spring 2011) in the near future.

Post by Dan Dunlop, The Healthcare Marketer

2 comments on “When the Healthcare Marketer Becomes the Patient

  1. great article for Stroke care

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