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5 Irritating Twitter Habits

Okay, I admit upfront that I can be easily agitated. So take this post with a grain of salt. Here are 5 practices that I regularly see on Twitter that absolutely drive me crazy! (Of course, a more positive way to look look at this list is to call it “5 Bad Habits to Avoid on Twitter.”

  1. Tweets that contain lists like: “5 Twitter Habit that Irritate Me.” This has become so trite! Just today I saw the following: “5 keys to promoting your business on Twitter,” “5 keys to article marketing,” “5 keys to educational technology.” There were dozens of tweets that began with “5 keys …” It may be effective, buy I can’t stand it.
  2. Tweets with great information but that fail to provide a link that we can use to access the information they’re referencing! Don’t tease me. Give me a link. I may want to learn more. (A related annoyance is when people don’t know how to make a tiny URL so their entire tweet is taken up by some 140 character link.)
  3. Hashtags that I don’t begin to understand. They are usually acronyms: #NCIPAN #CHPRMS #VSHMPR #NESHCO (you get the idea). I am guilty of this practice as well.
  4. When an organization is on Twitter and it doesn’t reveal the identity of the actual individuals doing the tweeting. Come on! Tell us who is tweeting. Twitter presents an opportunity for us to form relationships and make connections. It won’t dilute your brand to admit there is a person behind those tweets.
  5. People who have automated direct messages that go out when you first follow them. I find this to be distasteful.  It is most offensive when they then suggest, within this automated message, that you consider liking them on Facebook or perhaps follow their blog. Can we please slow down? I didn’t ask you to go steady; I just followed you on Twitter. So stop coming on so strong. (I also hate having to go through those TrueTwit validation services just to follow someone on Twitter.)

So there’s my list – and I am not a fan of lists. The next thing I’ll do is go out and tweet about my list in the hope that people will find it intriguing and click through to this blog post. How’s that for transparency?

Post by Dan Dunlop, The Healthcare Marketer

5 comments on “5 Irritating Twitter Habits

  1. Great post Dan. How about #6:
    Tweeting so many tweets at the same time that no other tweet is in between their tweets.

    Could I have said “tweet” any more than that in one sentence?

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  3. Kimberly

    Certain of our close friends that we run into at conferences and other pharma industry events have already figured this out. The woman behind P&P is none other than…

  4. Kimberly

    …Me 🙂

    And occasionally DJ Edgerton, Guy Mastrion, and Mike Myers

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