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A Vision of Healthcare’s Future from Microsoft

I ran across this video on the Malaysia Healthcare website. I believe the link was Tweeted by @KevinBConnolly.   The Malaysia Healthcare website promotes Malaysia globally as a preferred healthcare destination. It positions the country as a one stop destination for all medical and tourism related needs, bringing together all related service providers on a single platform. Malaysia would like to be seen as being on the leading edge of technology. This is an incredible video demonstrates how Microsoft sees the future of healthcare and shows one vision for how technology will potentially improve our way of life!

Here’s what the Malaysia Healthcare website had to say about the video:

“With state of the art hospitals being built in Malaysia; it’s just a matter of time before we experience seemless healthcare delivery.

Malaysia Healthcare patients use a portable Personal Health Record (PHR) called the iPHER that carries all their PHI which includes, medications, lab tests, diagnosis, immunizations, alternative procedures, digital images, dental records, ophthalmic care (lens and contact prescriptions) and DNA any where in the world with no need to access the Internet to view the information. Malaysia Healthcare currently uses this PHR to reduce medical errors and create continuity of care for all their patients and to provide seemless healthcare delivery.”

Enjoy this intriguing video from Microsoft:

Dan Dunlop, The Healthcare Marketer

1 comment on “A Vision of Healthcare’s Future from Microsoft

  1. Joel F. Richman

    Ah, technology and humanity living in perfect harmony. So clean, so uncluttered. No muss, no fuss. So unrealistic. Sorry, I wish it were so. I wish it would be so. But it’s not the way we, or the practice of medicine, or the world will ever behave. We have no magic wand to banish disorder.

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