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Additional Hospital Print Ads From My Bulletin Board

I regularly display hospital print ads on my blog. This time I’m featuring print ads from hospitals in North Carolina. I found the ads in a recent edition of Business North Carolina magazine. It was a special healthcare issue. As you’ll notice, many of the ads are focused on cardiovascular services. I present them to you in the spirit of sharing and welcome your comments relative to the perceived quality of the various print ad executions. One caveat: I scanned these ads so the quality has been diminished. Additionally, when scanning, the borders of the ads don’t always show up, so they appear to be floating with no boundaries. Enjoy!

Post by Dan Dunlop, The Healthcare Marketer

1 comment on “Additional Hospital Print Ads From My Bulletin Board

  1. I find the Alamance Regional Heart and Vascular Center ad the most appealing, while actually showing a a visual of one of the services provided. Most of the others are rather generic, and nothing compels me to read the ad.

    The High Point Regional Health System ad has nice layout and headline. I think the treatment of the heart illustration could have been handled differently to help make the connection to the reader more readily.

    It’s disappointing to see that hospitals are not putting a priority on the design in their print advertising. It will be more difficult to engage the reader without dynamic graphics that will help tell your story.

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