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Rebuilding CPMC: Modernized Care Delivery & Earthquake Safety

California law (SB 1953) requires all hospital inpatient facilities to meet stricter earthquake safety standards no later than January 1, 2015. For many hospitals, this means extensive renovations or total redevelopment. California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) is taking this opportunity to modernize its care delivery system, to realign it with the needs of the community, and to create vastly improved environments for patients, visitors and healthcare workers. CPMC provides health care for more than 40% of San Francisco patients and delivers 56% of San Francisco’s babies. It is a regional referral center for highly-specialized medical care, drawing patients from all over California and the U.S.

Rebuilding CPMC is a massive undertaking. I recently visited San Francisco and met with a group of executives form CPMC and Sutter Health (CPMC is a member of the Sutter Health Network). The plans to rebuild CPMC are ambitious and include renovations at the Davies, Pacific and St. Luke’s campuses and the creation of a new campus at Van Ness and Geary. The new 555-bed hospital on Van Ness will provide inpatient medical care, surgical care, pediatrics, critical care, labor and delivery, and post-partum care, and specialized programs such as cardiology and newborn intensive care; have all single-patient rooms, to improve privacy and infection control; provide an emergency room centrally located on a major transit route within San Francisco; and be able to safely remain open and continue providing essential services after a major earthquake or other disaster. I applaud their vision and look forward to seeing it come to fruition.

As you might guess, there’s an ad campaign to promote this new vision and to inform various constituencies throughout CPMC’s service area. The need to communicate change, particularly when the change is this dramatic, is usually paramount. Below are some of the print ads that have run to communicate the new vision (to be clear, my firm did not do this work). I was pleased to see them using QR codes in their advertising.

For more information about the Rebuild CPMC campaign, go to

Post by Dan Dunlop, The Healthcare Marketer

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