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Personal Genetic Information: On Sale Now!

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I have to say that I find this intriguing. A colleague of mine sent me a promotional offer by this firm where a consumer can get a free DNA analysis in exchange for signing a long term contract for genetic services. Wow!

23andMe seeks to be the world’s most trusted source of personal genetic information. Want to learn about your DNA? Want to learn about your risk factors for various diseases and your predicted response to drugs? You can subscribe to their personal genome service ($9.99 per month as part of a special they are offering. The report includes information on 199 conditions and traits for which there are genetic associations. You can view the complete list at According to information on their website, the genotyping services of 23andMe are performed in LabCorp’s CLIA-certified laboratory. The tests have not been cleared or approved by the FDA but have been analytically validated according to CLIA standards. The information they provide is intended for research and educational purposes only, and is not for diagnostic use. (That’s important.)

How does it work? Step 1: Order your kit. Step 2: Provide your saliva. Step 3: Get your report. Step 4: 23andMe will update you monthly on DNA discoveries.

I don’t know why, but this whole thing intrigued me. What’s your reaction?

Post by Dan Dunlop, The Healthcare Marketer

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