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More Hospital Print Ads From My Bulletin Board

When I travel I clip healthcare/hospital print ads, bring them back to the office and put them on our bulletin board. I want my team to know what’s out there. Occasionally I’ll also share these on my blog. After all, you probably would like to know what’s out there as well. So here’s the latest batch; ads from High Point Regional Health System, Penn Medicine, Baylor and University of Virginia Health System. I’ll remind you that these are scans of the originals, so the quality has been diminished. With that said, let me know which ads speak to you.

Post by Dan Dunlop, The Healthcare Marketer

1 comment on “More Hospital Print Ads From My Bulletin Board

  1. The University of Virginia Health System ad uses the visuals effectively to help tell the story. The focus of the ad is tells the individual story, and might generate more interest than the typical “smiling patient, smiling physician” ad.

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