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Meet MedCity News

Last week I met with one of the business development folks from MedCity News. They’ve set up a news bureau in the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina (where my firm is based) and wanted to make sure that we were aware of them. Right now they have bureaus in Cleveland, the Twin Cities, Raleigh-Durham and Boston (more to come).  A couple weeks ago I attended a meet and greet where I met their president, Chris Seper, a former journalist, technology reporter and online medical editor. (It was the evening of my wedding anniversary so I didn’t linger long!) Chris is joined by Amanda Todorovich, MedCity Media’s vice president of business development and marketing. She previously spent three years as a senior media relations strategist at University Hospitals Case Medical Center (UH).

MedCity has a daily hospital eNews Blasts that I subscribe to. But that’s just part of what they bring to the table. Here’s how they describe their services:

MedCity Media creates content for people who care about healthcare. It serves the everyone’s-a-publisher world of modern media through three primary products:

* Content services, which delivers made-to-order healthcare content of any kind to anyone who needs it

* Digital products such as, which publish news, analysis and opinion focusing on key industrial capitals of healthcare

* News syndication, which allows publishers to syndicate select MedCity Media content for their print, broadcast or digital publications.

You can also sign up online to become one of their MedCity Thought Leaders – allowing you to then contribute content.

Until a couple of weeks ago, I was unaware of their existence. I’ve already found them to be a valuable resource of news and information about the healthcare industry. And, they’ve already featured on of my clients in a news story! Check them out online at You can also follow them on Twitter at

Post by Dan Dunlop, The Healthcare Marketer

1 comment on “Meet MedCity News

  1. Love MedCityNews and am a new ‘medcitizen’. As a professional writer sub-specializing in medical topics for my numerous physician clients, I am wondering if Houston might become a future MedCity?

    All Media Freelance, LLC

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