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Hospital & Healthcare Ads: The Good and The Bad

When I travel I run into a ton of healthcare ads in airline magazines and other publications. Every once in a while I share them on my blog. Here is a new crop that I ran across this week. One Caveat: I scanned these ads, so the quality of the images has been diminished by the simple act of scanning. Let me know what you think of the ads. They vary significantly in quality!

Post by Dan Dunlop The Healthcare Marketer

5 comments on “Hospital & Healthcare Ads: The Good and The Bad

  1. Like Baylor’s ad. Nice way to do a testimonial. Good graphic and copy written on a level so that everyone can understand.

  2. I like seeing a single dominant image. That’s a good way to attract the viewer’s eye, and avoid visual clutter. However, do the images selected work?

    The ads for Jefferson and Baylor show images that don’t tell any story. In the Jefferson ad, the word “orthopedics” is buried. Will the viewer be intrigued enough to read the content?

    I like the Snoring Center. The image relates to the content, and combined with the headline is a nice, intriguing introduction. A bit busy, but it communicates., while certainly graphically pleasing, is very obscure. Is this sports medicine? “Oh, I get it, no stitches in the football!” Is the ad actually going to engage the reader long enough for them to come to that conclusion?

  3. The dental one is bizarre. It was clearly not written by a native speaker of English.

  4. While I agree that the ad for teeth in a day is a little on the wordy side I became a bit annoyed with the usage of an extremely fit individual in the Rothman advertisement, who looks like that? Was happier with the ads presented by Baylor and the Snoring Center

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