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Rockingham Memorial Hospital Has Turned Green to Gold

Rockingham Memorial Hospital, or RMH as it is affectionately known, opened a new inpatient healthcare facility in June 2010 and, from all accounts, it is amazing. RMH is located in Harrisonburg, Virginia, and is one of only seven hospitals of its size in the nation to earn LEED Gold designation. According to Eric Sheffer of Smith Seckman Reid (SSR), the Nashville-based engineering and sustainable consulting firm, “RMH has implemented some creative alternative energy management and sustainability strategies that truly represent a team effort between RMH, the design team and local municipalities.” For those you who follow my blog, you know that I am a big proponent of the healthy hospital environment. I believe that hospitals have an obligation, as healthcare providers, to create healthy and healing environments.

I know a few of the marketing professionals at RMH, including Holly Martin and Ryan Hildebrand, but they are not a client. I just truly admire the commitment that organization has made to creating an environmentally-friendly and healthy environment for its employees, patients and the community it serves. Check out this video that describes their effort. It is a little dated at this point in time, but does a nice job of telling their story.

There are so many benefits that come from RMH’s new green building:

1.     Energy efficiency that includes the use of methane gas from the county landfill as an energy source for one of its boilers

2.     Water conservation through the use of low flow public restroom faucets and reduced water flow toilets

3.     Wetland preservation through the use of stormwater management

4.     Careful waste management and recycling

5.     Strategic site selection to take advantage of natural light

6.     Along with the obvious benefits of providing a healthy environment for its staff and patients

For more information, visit the green page on RMH’s website: It has a ton of content about their commitment to building and living green.

Post by Dan Dunlop, The Healthcare Marketer

2 comments on “Rockingham Memorial Hospital Has Turned Green to Gold

  1. Dan,
    Great post – thanks for the kind words and compliments! We’re very proud to have earned this level of green certification. Stop by for a visit sometime.
    -Ryan, RMH Healthcare

  2. Today, leading-edge health care organizations are striving to create environments that are more conducive to healing, while also working to eliminate barriers to patient safety and environmental risks. The goal is to ensure that inpatient and outpatient settings have a positive, rather than a negative impact on patients’ health.

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