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Community Engagement Tops Internet Popularity

It’s great to have friends, but I’d rather have a few great friends I can always count on than several mediocre friends who won’t be there when I truly need them.  The same goes with your hospital’s online presence.  It doesn’t matter how many Facebook fans or Twitter followers you have if you aren’t appealing to your target audience.  According to Phil Baumann’s latest blog post, “very few hospitals will hit it “big” in social media.”  According to Baumann, and I agree, this is a good thing because your community is what’s most important, and it’s much easier to lead a faithful few who are wholeheartedly devoted to your hospital.

Phil says that social media is a great tool for market research, but what’s really important is being a useful, relevant and likable source to your community.  This rule doesn’t only apply for hospitals; it applies for corporations and brands as well. So don’t worry about how many individuals are checking out your site, be more concerned with how you are giving back to your community. This is about quality more than quantity!

I definitely recommend you read Phil’s blog post on his “Health Is Social” blog :’t-have-to-be-internet-famous/.

Post by Dan Dunlop with Stephanie Cohen, Jennings Intern and UNC-Chapel Hill Student

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