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A Signature Healthcare Advertising Campaign

Several months ago my firm started working with Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital in Brockton, Massachusetts. Located 30 minutes south of Boston, the hospital was in dire need of marketing and advertising support. Not only does Signature Healthcare compete with several area hospitals, it also faces a challenge from the academic medical centers in Boston. Signature needed an ad campaign that would inform area consumers about the services it offers while also promoting its affiliation with Tufts Medical Center – an arrangement that brings more advanced services to the region. Our objective was to develop a campaign that would stand out in the marketplace and give us the flexibility to promote a variety of service lines along with the Tufts Medical Center affiliation. It was also important to the client that we showcase its network of employed physicians.

What follows are a number of print ads from the new campaign for Signature Healthcare. The illustrations are all custom, created specifically for this campaign. You’ll notice that the headline font changes to suit the specific illustration. And the tonality and style of the illustration changes to suit the particular service line being featured. Enjoy! (This is just the very beginning of this campaign – much more in the works.)

Post by Dan Dunlop, The Healthcare Marketer

4 comments on “A Signature Healthcare Advertising Campaign

  1. And…you are doing a fabulous job! Jennings is a responsive, creative and fun firm. Dan, you are a pleasure to work with, I greatly admire and appreciate your upbeat attitude.

    • Thanks Rachel. You guys make it easy. You’ve got a great team there and it is a pleasure to work with all of you. And it is so much fun seeing everything come together.

  2. I’m happy to see illustration used in hospital marketing. Even though the illustrative technique and headline font vary from ad to ad, keeping a consistent layout and color palette still allow reinforcement of your branding.

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