The healthcare industry is full of innovative technologies.  And no, this post is not going to discuss iPhones and iPads and their application in healthcare. We’ve heard enough about that for now. Mashable recently ran a video feature titled “5 Innovative Technologies Changing Health Care.”  The video highlights five technologies that are improving healthcare.  I encourage you to read about the technologies and watch the videos that accompany the narrative:

The technologies include the DaVinci surgical robotics system that assists doctors in procedures such as open-heart surgery; a thermosuit to cool patients down before treating them for a heart attack; and a life vest for individuals living under the constant threat of cardiac arrest.   Then there’s the Vocera Communications System, which improves in-house communications in hospitals.

Another technology highlighted is an intravascular imaging system which enables “much more advanced images, rendered much quicker, from within the heart using near-infrared light.”  This innovation allows cardiologists to have a better picture of the coronary artery before and after a procedure takes place.

And not all technologies need to be complex! The final innovation (okay, there were actually 6 mentioned in the post) featured in the Mashable post is called “The Hydrant.”  It is a simple technology that does just what its name suggests – it hydrates.  It is a water bottle that attaches to a patient’s bed so a patient has constant access to fluids without having to ask for help from hospital staff.  The water bottle has a long tube from which the patient drinks. It is easy and sensible. We could call it the iHydrant to make it sound more interesting – but we won’t do that.

I encourage you to read about these creative innovations here:

Post by Dan Dunlop with Stephanie Cohen, UNC-Chapel Hill Student and Jennings Intern

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