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The Social Hospital

Mark Williams recently wrote a terrific blog post titled “A Social Hospital is a Healthy Hospital.” I love the title (wish I thought of it first). In the post he discusses how hospitals can become thought leaders and conversation starters using social media. It is a really well thought-out piece. For those of you not familiar with Mark, he is a senior media strategist at Berry Network and a 25-year veteran of creative marketing with an emphasis on B2B marketing.  Check out Mark’s post at

In his article, Mark answers three questions many hospitals have regarding social media: 1.) How engaged should our hospitals be in the social stratosphere? 2.) How can we best use social media without fear of violating HIPAA requirements?  3.) Who in our healthcare organizations should be responsible for social media?  Mark says hospitals should look at social media from an outward strategic perspective. Hospitals must figure out if they want to merely respond to conversations or be conversation starters. This is a strategic decision based on the position your organization holds (or would like to hold) in your community.

For more, check out Mark’s post on The Network:

Post by Dan Dunlop with Stephanie Cohen, UNC-Chapel Hill Student and Jennings Intern

4 comments on “The Social Hospital

  1. Therein lies the question, how social should known institutions be? I wonder if there are examples of these hospitals that are presently active in social conversations?

  2. Great informative post! Thanks.

  3. Mrs. Life,

    I do have examples of hospitals engaged in social conversations. I’d be happy to send them to you. Shoot me an email:

    – Mark

  4. Super article. Super insight. Thank you for sharing.
    Kind regards, Nicola

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