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CHPRMS Day 2 Highlight: Chris Bevolo’s Magical Measurement Elixir

The thought of a presentation on measurement at 9:30am may put dread in the hearts of some people – even dedicated healthcare marketers faithfully attending their annual conference. But today, the folks at the  annual conference of the Carolinas Healthcare Public Relations & Marketing Society (CHPRMS)  were treated to a terrific presentation by Chris Bevolo (@IntervalChris) on the topic of healthcare marketing metrics. The material was rock solid and incredibly valuable. And Chris’ delivery made a potentially dry subject more engaging than one might expect. How often do you get to hear about “The Amazing All Purpose Magical Marketing Measurement Elixir?”

What I loved about Chris’ presentation is that he was prodding people to begin measuring what they do, and then to share that data with their leadership. This is so important and it just does not happen enough in our field. We need to measure, and then we need to market the results. By doing this, we will be better marketers (more effective), and we will build that stature of the marketing function with hospitals and health systems. People need to come to understand that marketing is not a drain on the budget, but a driver of revenue! And Chris Bevolo was teaching us how to build that case by measuring financial, behavioral and attitudinal metrics. A couple of the keys to this involve clearly identifying and agreeing on what success looks like, and  capturing the data you need within your organization (for example, what is the contribution margin for a given procedure you are marketing). I thoroughly enjoyed having the chance to reconnect with Chris and to be in the audience during his presentation this morning.

Following Chris Bevolo’s presentation was Jeff Petry of Premier, Inc. Jeff spoke on Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs): Why, How, What, and When? I was interested in hearing Jeff’s presentation given that my firm does work for an ACO in Massachusetts that has more than 1,600 physician members. Working for this group, I’ve learned a great deal about ACOs and the Patient Centered Medical Home model over the last 10 months. But I’m not sure it is a topic most of us run into as we’re doing hospital marketing.

Jeff’s was another solid presentation covering a topic that grows more prevalent by the day! Premier is working with a number of hospitals to implement the ACO model. Premier has adopted the Triple aim framework. Triple aim set out to improve 1) Population Health, 2) Care Experience (patient engagement in their care. for example) and 3) Per Capita Costs (reduce total number of admissions and readmissions). Core components for the ACO model include:

  • People centered foundation (rather than physician centered)
  • Health Home (patient centered medical home)
  • High-value network – This is the provider network, varies by market. Lots of providers will need to be coordinated (pharmacy, lab, hospice, etc.)
  • Population Health Data – This is the IT infrastructure and this is a vital ingredient in the program. All sorts of analytic capabilities that help the team proactively treat patients and keep them well, therefore reducing health costs.
  • ACO Leadership
  • Payer Partnership – The partnership between the payer and the providers. In some cases, the payer is leading the relationship and driving providers into this model. As you might expect, for the partnership to work, we have to break down some existing barriers between providers and payers.

This was an interesting and timely presentation by Jeff Petry.

Post by Dan Dunlop, The Healthcare Marketer

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