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Insight Into A Physician’s Online Marketing Practices

In a recent blog post I lamented the fact that healthcare marketers don’t hear frequently enough from physicians who are successfully integrating social media into their practice ( My belief is that we could learn a lot from their experience – as could other physicians. Well, I must have been heard. Washington Business Journal Guest Blogger, Shashi Bellamkonda, wrote an interesting post recently about a physician’s use of online marketing to attract new patients. Shashi interviews his doctor, Alan Glazier MD, founder and CEO of Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care. From my perspective, it is interesting to hear directly from a physician about his social media use and some of the time saving tools he uses to keep social media from dominating his time. (

In the interview, Dr. Glazier speaks of his top three social media tips: Create content, Optimize and Proliferate. Now those are words to live by! He says Shashi introduced him to social media in late 2006, which is when he discovered search engine optimization. He monitors what is said on the web using Google Alerts. He also uses Twitter to monitor his online reputation. Dr. Glazier says his favorite tool is socialoomph because it allows him to “post links, blogs, and tweets at the beginning of the week and space out their publication.” This is a great tip. He also uses seoMOZ to learn about new search engine optimization technologies.

Maybe you have physicians in your organization who could learn from Dr. Glazier? For more, check out Shashi Bellamkonda’s post in the Washington Business Journal:

Post by Dan Dunlop with Stephanie Cohen, UNC-Chapel Hill Student and Jennings Intern

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