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New Study: Social Media Leads to Healthcare Savings

Nicole Lewis recently authored an interesting article in InformationWeek titled “Social Media Cuts Healthcare Costs.”  I encourage you to check out the article:  Nicole speaks of a new Healthcare Performance Management Institute study that finds that heath 2.0 initiatives have reduced medical expenses and improved quality of care.  The report, titled “Healthcare Performance Management in the Era of Twitter” provides “examples of how social media and other Health 2.0 initiatives are transforming the healthcare marketplace to promote cost-efficient interactive healthcare systems that provides better patient outcomes.”

The report includes case studies such as the Point to Point (P2P) healthcare solutions offered by Healthcare Interactive and WellNet Healthcare, in addition to the Department of Veterans Affairs’ VistA healthcare system. The report also describes an employee health clinic in Toms River, NJ, that has created a health performance management system to deliver metrics to the clinic’s primary care physicians.

Nicole’s article takes an interesting look at the opportunities represented by social media. For more, you can find the article on InformationWeek online:

Post by Dan Dunlop with Stephanie Cohen, UNC-Chapel Hill Student and Jennings Intern

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