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Reducing Hospital Noise to Create Healing Environments

I recently found an interesting article written by Devin Powell of Inside Science News Service titled “Hushing Noisy Hospitals: As hospitals grow louder, new guidelines promise a good night’s sleep for some.” One of my main interests these days continues to be the movement within healthcare to create healthy and healing environments in hospitals. It sounds so obvious but we’re still a long way from achieving that vision. Powell’s article deals with something every hospital patient (and employee) has had to endure: noisy hospitals!

According to Powell, a growing body of research suggest that hospital noise is contributing to medical errors and is taking a toll on patient well-being. But there’s hope. “This year, many states will finally do something about the problem. Across the country, new building codes will for the first time require newly-constructed hospitals to meet minimum noise standards before opening their doors.” (Source: Inside Science, August 2010)

In the article, Powell gives us the example of Johns Hopkins Hospital and others, and the voluntary steps they are taking to reduce noise in their facilities. Hospitals that already exist, don’t have to comply with the new noise standards. They only apply to new construction.

This is a terrific article by Devin Powell. Check it out online at http://tinyurl.com/36lhd55.

Post by Dan Dunlop, The Healthcare Marketer

3 comments on “Reducing Hospital Noise to Create Healing Environments

  1. intrusive sound, like that of a barking dog, constitutes a potent stressor that can result in increased blood pressure, essential hypertension, increased heart rate, ischemic heart disease, headaches, nausea, an altered blood flow, changes in blood viscosity and blood lipids, and shifts in electrolyte balance, along with elevations in gastrointestinal motility. In addition, according to WHO, exposure to noise increases drug use, fosters substance abuse, and promotes anxiety, stress, irritability, depression, aggression, interpersonal conflict, and sexual impotency.

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