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The Pixie, The Fexy and The EMPixx?

I thought I’d seen it all when I received a mailer a couple of years ago promoting the Blingy Awards. In general, awards competitions have gotten out of hand. Then today one of my co-workers handed me a promotional piece produced by the American Pixel Academy. The headline on the piece read: “Add new life to your Awards shelf.” It was promoting three different awards competitions:

  • The Pixie Awards (Deadline November 5, 2010) – The Pixie Awards honors outstanding work in the fastest-growing area of the moving pixels industry: Animation, Motion Graphics and Effects. If you win, you get one of these statues of a figure resembling Tinkerbell!
  • The Fexy Awards (Deadline March 5, 2010) – The Fexy Awards honors outstanding use of Photoshop®, Illustrator®, After Effects®, Flash®, Apple Motion®, Final Cut®, filters and other FX software in Print, Web and Moving Pixels.
  • The EMPixx Awards (Deadline July 2, 2010) – The EMPixx Awards honor excellence in the production of five categories of Moving Pixels: TV Commercials, TV Programs, Corporate Videos, Internet Moving Pixels, and Independent Films & Videos.

As if there weren’t enough awards competitions out there already, you’ve got three new beauty contests to enter. Enjoy!

Post by Dan Dunlop, The Healthcare Marketer

1 comment on “The Pixie, The Fexy and The EMPixx?

  1. Richard Cheever

    I think the marketplace decides of there are “too many” awards competitions. Blingy Awards apparently isn’t doing well, and several other competitions have gone away recently, such as the Axiem Awards. The Pixie Awards seems to fill a niche that’s out there — same for the Fexy Awards. Thanks for posting this.

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