Yesterday I came across an article in Managed Healthcare Executive Magazine titled “Green initiatives growing among healthcare facilities.” Lately I’ve been writing a lot about the green movement in healthcare, or as I prefer to call it, the healthy hospital movement. It’s wonderful to see hospitals working to develop healing environments that are both healthful and that help to sustain your spirit. I recently posted about my trip to Cooper University Hospital in Camden, NJ.  In the lobby of their Pavilion, there is a huge atrium with a wall of live Bamboo trees, several light features, comfortable (non-institutional) seating, and wireless Internet access for guests. Those are all elements that make the visitor’s experience less stressful and more pleasant. The message to hospitals today is simple: Healing environments should no longer have a cold, institutional feel.

Here’s the opening blurb from the Managed Healthcare Executive Magazine article:

“From Recycling and waste management programs to nontoxic paint and permeable pavement, hospitals across the country are implementing green initiatives to produce healthier environments for patients and staff, which they say saves not only energy, but money.” (Source: Managed Healthcare Executive Magazine, January 2010)

The article goes on to give a few examples of healthcare facilities who have jumped on the sustainability bandwagon. One of the organizations featured happens to be one of my firm’s clients: The East Carolina Heart Institute at Pitt County Memorial Hospital in Greenville, North Carolina. They are part of University Health Systems of Eastern Carolina. You can find the article online at Here’s part of what the article had to say about the Heart Institute:

“The East Carolina Heart Institute, which is attached to the Pitt County Memorial Hospital in North Carolina, has implemented both green and general health ideas into its structure, including ergonomic equipment, natural light and an energy efficient utility plant.

The structure has only been open for a year, but was built with energy efficiency in mind, according to Brian Floyd, executive director of the Heart Institute. It also contains recycled materials in the carpet as well as in bathroom, kitchen and ceiling tile.

Natural lighting is one feature that overlaps in the green movement and healthy hospital movement. An effort was made to light the Institute with large windows in patient rooms, physician work areas, waiting rooms, lobbies and cafes.” (Source: Managed Healthcare Executive Magazine, January 2010)

If you’d like to learn more about the healthy hospital movement or the East Carolina Heart Institute’s sustainable practices. I recently wrote an article about this subject for the Alternative Health Journal. You can find that article online at  It details the work done by Lexington Medical Center and The East Carolina Heart Institute to create healthy environments for patients, visitors and employees. This is definitely a hot topic.

Post by Dan Dunlop, The Healthcare Marketer

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