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Kodak’s ‘Make Me Super’ Viral Marketing Campaign

Kodak has a new viral marketing program that has captured the imagination of people in my office – despite being jaded advertising and marketing professionals. It is their ‘Make Me Super’ promotion – The promotion is designed to drive people to Kodak online and make them aware of their Kodak Gallery. Here’s how it works: Kodak has a cheesy super hero video already developed (circa 1978s). You type in your sex (male or female) and your name, and then upload a head hot of yourself. The system then generates a custom video where you (or your victim) become the superhero. There’s even a jingle that goes along with the video and your name is inserted into the jingle. It is cheesy enough to be fun! The viral element comes in your ability to forward a link to the video to your friends and to download your personalized super hero poster.

For the purposes of demonstration I’ve created a “Super Dan” video using the Kodak ‘Make Me Super’ website. Check it out by clicking here. One note of caution: The jingle is annoyingly catchy. You’ll find yourself singing it tonight, tomorrow and for days to come. And, if that’s not enough, Kodak (for a small fee) will place your super hero image on a coffee mug, mouse pad or t-shirt. It’s not too early to be thinking about holiday gifts. One shortcoming of the program is that the number of names in its database is limited. So you may not find your name there. If that happens, you can substitute it with “dude” or “cat.” They also have options for mom, grandma, grandpa, guy and girl.

This is a good example of a viral marketing concept that drives traffic and creates buzz. It’s fun and has an obvious connection to the brand. After all, Kodak is about capturing images – and creating images/memories. Enjoy and share! That’s what this is all about.

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