Guide to Healthcare Marketing Awards

This week I am presenting at the Annual SHSMD Conference. My talk covers a number of different ways to promote and gain recognition for your work. One of those involves entering the work in healthcare marketing awards competitions. This post gives many of the details from that presentation in a form that visitors can print and use as an ongoing resource. Enjoy!

It seems as though I get a mailer at least once a week from some new awards competition that I’ve never heard of. The strangest was the Blingy Awards. I kid you not. The 2008 Blingy Awards honor excellence in television, video, film, web and multi-media. Check them out at www.BlingyAwards.com. By the way, their entry deadline is typically in August.

Winning awards isn’t everything; it isn’t even the main thing. But it is one way we receive validation for the work we do and measure it against the work of our peers. The question is, how do you decide which competitions to enter? At Jennings, we begin with the industry specific competitions and go from there. In healthcare, we will typically consider the following:

  • Healthcare Advertising Awards – Now in its 25th year, this national awards competition is sponsored by Healthcare Marketing Report and is highly credible. We place a lot of importance on these awards. The cost for a typical single entry is $40 or $75 for a campaign. Entries are usually due in February. www.hmrpublicationsgroup.com.
  • Aster Awards – Also due in February, the Aster Awards is another national healthcare marketing awards competition. It is affiliated with Marketing Healthcare Today magazine. Winners are listed in the May/June issue. The prices for entry are reasonable – $45 for a single entry and $70 per campaign. Over the last few years the Asters have become better known among healthcare communicators and much more competitive. www.asterawards.com.
  • The National Health Information Awards – Now in its 14th year, this awards competition recognizes quality consumer health information. Entries are due in March. Categories include health promotion, patient education information, consumer decision-making information, and miscellaneous materials. Importantly, they have a hospital/health system division for participants. Cost per entry is anywhere from $49 to $69. www.healthawards.com.
  • HealthLeaders Marketing Awards – This national competition is open to hospitals and ad agencies in the U.S. that produce advertising for hospitals. Entries are due in early July. The entry fee is a little pricey compared to some of the other competitions: $195 for the first entry and then $120 for each additional entry. The awards are produced by HealthLeaders Media. www.healthleadersmarketingawards.com.
  • National Mature Media Awards – These awards recognize healthcare advertising targeting adults age 50+. Entries are accepted in January. They are sponsored by the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging. There are healthcare specific categories. www.seniorawards.com.
  • The Global Awards – Recognizing the “world’s best work in healthcare communications.” Entries are due in late May. The price of entry is not cheap: $295 per single entry and $495 per campaign. www.theglobalawards.com.
  • IN-AWE Awards – These awards are presented by the Healthcare Communication & Marketing Association. Entry fees range from $150 to $200. Entries are typically due in March. There are patient education and consumer categories. www.theHCMA.org.
  • eHealthcare Leadership Awards – Presented by eHealthcare Strategy & Trends. These are healthcare specific. The deadline is typically in June. Numerous healthcare categories including best site design, best interactive site, best health content, best newsroom, and best web 2.0. The entry fee is $70. www.strategichealthcare.com/awards.
  • AME Awards – Awards for advertising marketing effectiveness. There is a healthcare services category. Entry fee is $645 per campaign. You must submit a campaign brief with each entry. www.ameawards.com.
  • Wallie & Silver Tusk Awards – These are the healthcare marketing awards of the Carolinas Healthcare Public Relations and Marketing Society (CHPRMS). The deadline for entry is in August each year and the winners are announced at the annual conference in November. www.chprms.com. Most states have a regional healthcare marketing society similar to CHPRMS.

Non-Industry Specific Awards with Healthcare/Hospital Categories:

  • Service Industry Advertising Awards (SIAA) – This national awards competition has a “health services” category that allows hospitals and health systems to compete against others within the industry. Entry fees are $0 for single and $70 per campaign. www.siaawards.com.
  • Telly Awards – The Telly Awards have been around for nearly 30 years, honoring the best in television commercials, programming, and film and video production. Categories include Health & Wellness, Hospitals under 200 beds, and Hospitals over 200 beds. Entry fees are $60 per single and $150 per campaign. This is a prestigious international competition. www.tellyawards.com.
  • Davey Awards – The Davey Awards are produced in association with the International Academy of the Visual Arts. There are health and hospital categories (TV commercials, for example). The unique thing about this competition is that it is designed for smaller firms (ad agencies) with annual billings of less than $25 million. Entry deadline is in July. The cost for entering is $85 per single and $150 per campaign. www.daveyawards.com.
  • Videographer Awards – These are judged by the Association of Marketing & Communication Professionals. The focus is on TV commercials and videos. There are hospital and physician categories. The entry deadline is usually in May and the cost is $75 per entry. www.videoawards.com.

Other award competitions to be aware of:

  • MarCom Awards – This is an international competition administered and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals. The deadline for entry is usually in October. The cost per entry is $60 for a single entry and $100 per campaign. www.marcomawards.com.
  • The Communicator Awards – These awards, sanctioned by the International Academy of Visual Arts, are broken out into three distinct competitions: Video, TV and Print. Each has its own entry deadline: Audio in October, Video in November, and Print in February. Entry prices are $60 per single and $135 per campaign. www.communicator-awards.com.
  • Clio Awards – Founded in 1959, the Clios celebrate creative excellence and innovation in advertising. www.clioawards.com.
  • The Blingy Awards – Yes, they are for real. The Blingy Awards honor excellence in TV, video, Film, Web and Multimedia. Typically an August deadline for submissions. Entry fees are $50 for single and $130 per campaign. They have health related categories including health & wellness, hospital, and healthcare. www.blingyawards.com.
  • Hermes Creative Awards – An international competition associated with the MarCom Awards. Entries due in April. The cost is $50 for a single entry and $100 for a campaign. An interesting point about the Hermes Awards is that they have a ‘pro bono’ category for work produced at no cost to the client. There are no healthcare specific categories. www.hermesawards.com.
  • Mobius Advertising Awards – Founded in 1971, this is an international advertising awards competition. There are healthcare categories including hospitals, medical offices, rehab facilities, assisted living and surgery centers. Entry deadline is typically in October. www.mobiusawards.com.
  • The Ava Awards – These awards honor excellence in audio-visual production. The competition is produced by the same people who do the MarCom Awards. The price of entry is $60 per single entry. The entry deadline is typically in October. www.avaawards.com.
  • The Stevies for Women in Business – These awards honor women entrepreneurs, executives, and the organizations they run. There is no healthcare specific category. Entries are typically due in August. www.stevieawards.com/women.
  • The Stevie Awards – The Stevies are also known as the Annual American Business Awards. Entries are typically due in March. www.stevieawards.com/aba.
  • The Mercury Excellence Awards – These are PR awards. There are some healthcare categories. Entry fees range from $220 to $260. There is typically a November deadline for submissions. www.mercommawards.com.
  • PR People Awards – These are presented by PR News. There is usually a June deadline. This is an opportunity to recognize PR professionals on your team. www.prnewsonline.com.
  • PR News CSR Awards – These are the corporate Social Responsibility Awards presented by PR News. The deadline typically falls in November. Categories include employee relations, environmental stewardship, green PR campaign, media relations and cause branding campaign. www.prnewsonline.com.
  • The W3 Awards – The W3 Awards are presented by the International Academy of the Visual Arts. They recognize excellence in website development, web advertising and web video production. They have health and health services categories. There is typically a June deadline and entries cost $95 each. www.W3Award.com.
  • The Webby Awards – The Webby Awards are presented by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences. They recognize interactive work including websites, interactive advertising and online video. There is a health category. There is typically a November deadline and the entry fee is $275. www.webbyawards.com.
  • The ADDY Awards – To win a national ADDY Award you have to start on the local ad club level and work your way up. There are 210 local ad clubs. There are no healthcare specific categories so healthcare entries compete against all others. www.AAF.org.
  • Summit Creative Awards – These awards are presented by the Summit International Awards (SIA) organization. They also produce the Summit Marketing Effectiveness Awards and the Summit Emerging Media Awards. Entry fees range from $45 to $75 with entries due typically in January (for Summit Creative Awards). Check out all of the Summit Awards at www.summitawards.com.
  • The Gracies – For more than three decades, the Foundation of American Women in Radio & Television has been a leader in celebrating and honoring programming created for women, by women and about women, as well as individuals who have made exemplary contributions to the industry. The Gracies strive to encourage the realistic and faceted portrayal of women in entertainment, commercials, news, features and other programs. The deadline for entries is typically in January. Entry fees range from $65 to $195. www.awrt.org.
  • Communication Arts – Communication Arts Advertising Competition. Deadline for entries is June 1. Winning entries are featured in their Design Annual. Very prestigious competition. Cost for entries is $35 for a single entry and $70 for a series. www.commarts.com/competition.
  • The Effie Awards – The Effie competition is one of the most prestigious. It rewards strategy and results. It is not a beauty contest. The entry period is September – November. Preliminary deadline is October 15. The entry fee for an on-time submission is $710. Finalists are notified in April. www.effie.org.
  • Clio Awards – The Clio Awards competition is one of the most recognized and respected competitions for advertising, design and interactive. The Clio Awards are produced by Nielsen Business Media, a part of The Nielsen Company. www.clioawards.com.
  • Creative Media Awards – These awards are presented by Media Magazine. They recognize exceptional strategic and creative media planning. The entry fee is $349 per campaign. The deadline for entries is typically August. www.mediapost.com/cma.
  • Platinum PR Awards – Presented by PR News. These awards salute the year’s most outstanding communications initiatives and programs within the PR arena. The deadline for entries typically falls in May. The cost per entry is $290 for a Primary Entry and $145 for a Secondary Entry of the same material. www.prnewsonline.com.
  • Non-Profit PR Awards – The Non-Profit PR Awards are presented by PR News. This awards competition is dedicated to honoring the communicators and teams in the non-profit sector. Entries are typically due in September. A Primary Entry costs $260. If you enter the same work in another category, the cost is $130 for the Secondary Entry. www.prnewsonline.com.
  • Apex Awards – APEX Awards are given for excellence in graphic design, editorial content and overall communications effectiveness. Entry fees are $89 per entry for non-subscribers (Writing That Works). Entries are typically due in March. There is a category for health, fitness and medical materials. www.apexawards.com.

When you win an award, do whatever you can to leverage the good news. Mention the award in your internal/employee newsletter or e-news blast. Send out a press release to local business media. And finally, frame a copy of the award certificate for anyone involved in the process – particularly if the award is for advertising promoting a specific service line or specialty. In your own department, you should display your awards prominently. I call this “marketing your marketing.”

One small caveat: These awards competitions are constantly changing submission dates and entry fees. Please take it upon yourself to gather the most updated information.

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  1. Hi. Thank you for this great info. I wonder why Rx Club awards are not there. Thanks again

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