Features vs. Benefits and Good Karma

The features versus benefits conversation is an old one, but never seems to lose its relevance. I was reminded of this the other day when I went to my local Jersey Mikes to get a sandwich for lunch. As I approached the cash register to pay for my sandwich, I noticed the large, prominently placed tip jar. It was the label on the tip jar that caught my attention. Rather than simply saying “Tips,” some strategically-minded sandwich shop employee had written “Karma” on the label.

“Tips” would not have conveyed a consumer benefit, but “Karma” speaks directly to one of the main benefits of leaving a gratuity. “Tips” speaks to what the employees want, while “Karma” speaks to what the customer would like to gain from the transaction. Therefore, the potential for good Karma is much more likely to motivate the consumer. Great thinking!

In healthcare marketing, we often get so caught up in selling our services, physicians, technology and institutions, that we forget to make the clear link to true consumer benefits. When we create advertising we need to convey clear consumer benefits (for patients and their families) just as my local Jersey Mike’s is doing with its Karma Jar.

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