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I Love This Business

This week I was reminded why I truly love this business. It is in large part because, as healthcare marketers, we get the opportunity to tell the world about innovative services, procedures and technologies that directly impact people’s lives.

One recent example is Gamma Knife technology. My firm is currently working on a Gamma Knife campaign for one of our clients. Thanks to this technology, many brain tumors that were once deemed inoperable, can be treated with this non-invasive alternative. From my perspective, it has dramatically changed the field of neurosurgery and offers hope where there once was none. Of course, the application of Gamma Knife technology extends well beyond treating brain tumors, to the treatment of brain dysfunctions such at trigeminal neuralgia. It’s remarkable that most consumers don’t know anything about it. And as marketers, we get to tell them about it. What could be better than that?

What got me started thinking about my love for this business was a meeting I had this afternoon with one of our newest clients. The firm is called Entegrion. They are a therapeutic development company that specializes in developing technologies for the control of hemorrhage, wound management, and associated tissue repair. What that really means is they are working on novel ways to stop bleeding. Remarkably, this is an area of medical science where little has changed over the last few decades. Bleeding is still a major cause of preventable death around the world. I know, it sounds like a very basic thing compared to targeting beams of gamma radiation at brain tumors, but think about the potential impact of a new technology that stops or slows internal bleeding or bleeding from an open wound. Entegrion’s work with freeze-dried platelets could one day help save lives in the ED, the surgical suite and on the battlefield. The vision is that re-hydrated platelets will be infused into the bloodstream, travel directly to the wound site, and begin the clotting process. This will be the culmination of nearly 40-years of research.

Over the next several months my firm gets to tell Entegrion’s story to the world as we prepare to launch its first product – a novel wound dressing (hemostatic textile) to be used in the protection and stabilization of traumatic external wounds. The dressing is based on Entegrion’s Stasilon technology developed in consultation with the Office of Naval Research. Entegrion will be bringing this product to military and civilian markets later this year.

Whether we’re promoting the Leksell Gamma Knife, the DaVinci Surgical Robot, the new 64-slice CT (Cardiac 64), or Entegrion’s new Stasilon technology, I can’t imagine having a better job. In this business, there’s always something new to learn about and something amazing to market. And ultimately, these technologies save or improve people’s lives. That’s why I love what I do.

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