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Two deadlines are approaching for major healthcare marketing awards competitions: The Aster Awards and the Web Health Awards. As you can see from the graphic above, the early deadline for the Aster Awards is February 29, 2014. For information about the Asters, go to www.asterawards.com. This is one of the two big healthcare marketing competitions of the year. The second is the Healthcare Advertising Awards (HAA). (Note: There are literally dozens of competitions but the Aster Awards and HAA have longevity on their sides. This does not mean that others aren’t worth considering.)

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The second competition with a deadline looming is the Web Health Awards. I have been honored to serve on the judging panel for this competition for the last few years. I’ve also had the pleasure of winning a few of these awards. If you have social media programs, websites, mobile apps or microsites that you think are worthy, this is the right awards program. For more information about the Web Health Awards, go to http://www.healthawards.com/wha/. And good luck!

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Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 1.49.23 PMWow! I’ve almost made it through awards submission season in healthcare marketing. Participation is completely optional, so I shouldn’t complain. This is self-inflicted pain. My team and I just sent in our submissions for the Lamplighter Awards (New England Society for Healthcare Communications), the Healthcare Advertising Awards (Healthcare Marketing Report), and the Web Health Awards (Health Information Resource Center). That all happened last week. Now we just have one more hurdle to clear, the Aster Awards, with a submission deadline of February 28th.

Years ago the Lamplighter Awards transitioned to electronic submissions. You simply upload your electronic files and fill out a form online. That’s it. There’s still a ton of work to do (each submission must be accompanied by a case study) but there’s no printing, spray mounting and shipping of creative pieces. No burning DVDs. I like that a lot. On the other hand, the Healthcare Advertising Awards (HAA) and Asters still do it the old fashioned way. For the HAA competition, I drove two boxes of entries to our local FedEx office to have them shipped off the day before the early deadline. For two days our office walls were lined with entry materials. Every year it’s a major production.

And every year I wonder if, perhaps, this is the last year we’ll participate in these healthcare marketing award competitions. Of course, that means our clients wouldn’t get any awards. Our staff wouldn’t get that affirmation that comes with having your work recognized on a national platform. But would the world come to an end? I think I would miss it. Even though it is a pain, and the awards are often subjective, I like the challenge. And participating is one way in which we express our membership in the healthcare marketing community. We can argue all day long about whether or not awards mean anything. In the end, participation is a choice. For now, I choose to participate. We’ll see how I feel next year.

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SIAA_Awards_11th_Annual_Ad_Awards_Brochure_Cover_tilt_535wx583h-301657_535x572The SIA Awards (Service Industry Advertising Awards) recently announced an extension of their deadline for late submissions: December 11, 2013. This is a competition that is appropriate for hospital marketers and communicators. The SIA Awards competition includes a special grouping for “Healthcare Services.” That means that healthcare submissions only compete against other healthcare submissions. The entry categories are extensive and fairly typical:

01 – Newspaper Advertising

01A – Single Ad

01B – Series

02 – Magazine Advertising

02A – Single Ad

02B -Series

03 – Publication/External

04 – Newsletter

05 – Direct Mail

06 – Outdoor Transit/Billboard

07 – Annual Report

08 – Poster

09 – Brochure

10 – Logo/Letterhead Design

11 – Calendar

12 – Other: Misc. Collateral, Special Promotional Materials

13 – Imprinted Materials-T-Shirts, Hats, Pens, Mouse Pads, etc.

14 – Web Site/Home Page

15 – New Media

16 – Social Media

17 – Rich Media

18 – Electronic Advertising

19 – E-Publication

20 – Mobile App

21 – Radio Advertising-Single or Series

22 – Television Advertising

22A – Single Spot

22B – Series

23 – Special Video Production


24 – Total Public Relations Campaign

25 – Total Advertising Campaign

26 – Integrated Campaign (Two or more channels, print, web, video, social media, internet, etc.)

For more information, go to http://siaawards.com/about/.

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It only makes sense that the Web Health Awards would be announced live on Twitter. That’s exactly what will happen on Thursday, December 5th beginning at 12pm eastern time. Follow the hashtag #wha13 to learn the winners of the Summer/Fall 2013 Web Health Awards and Web Health Awards | Mobile. In the past I have been fortunate to have my blog honored as a Web Health Award winner. This was my third consecutive year serving on the judging panel.


Announcement Schedule:

Thursday, December 5th


Categories: Blog, E-Newsletter, Infographic, Interactive Content / Rich Media, Medical Education, Mobile Application, Mobile Website, Podcast (Audio and Video), Social Media, Webcast (Audio)


Categories: Directory / Ratings / Guides, E-Business, Microsite, Portals, Web-based Resource/Tool, Webinar, Website, Other / Miscellaneous

A complete list of winners will be available at webhealthawards.com

following the live announcements.

For more information about the Web Health Awards,

contact webawards@healthawards.com, or call 1-800-828-8225 (weekdays 9-5 Central time).

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Last week I received an email reminder about the impending deadline for the Cancer Awareness Advertising Awards. This is a competition my firm has never entered. But I thought it would be worth sharing the information in case any of you are interested in entering.

The Cancer Awareness Advertising Awards is a national program that recognizes excellence in advertising and marketing efforts promoting “cancer specific” products or services. All entries for each category are placed together for judging by a panel of design and healthcare marketing professionals with decades of combined experience. Entries are judged on: Creativity, Layout/Design, Typography, Production, Quality & Overall Effectiveness.

All advertising/marketing materials created in 2013 that serve to educate or promote cancer-related products or services are eligible to enter.


For entry forms, visit www.CAAAwards.com.

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Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 7.25.20 AMEach year I have the honor of judging a number of awards competitions. This year they included the Web Health Awards, the National Health Information Awards, The Pelican Awards (Louisiana Society for Healthcare Public Relations & Marketing), and the Beacon Awards for the Minnesota Health Strategy & Communications Network. I have learned that judging awards makes me better at preparing my own award entries. Most importantly, I have learned that it is important to write entries that don’t lead to “judging fatigue.”

What is judging fatigue? It is a condition that develops after a judge reads dozens of award entries. This is only relevant for those competitions that require a written case study or challenge statement with creative submissions. In the past, I have always written thorough case studies, painstakingly addressing each point within the judging criteria. What I have learned from judging so many entries is that it is exhausting for the judges to read all of these lengthy entries. It is far better to write a pointed, concise entry that makes the judge’s job easier. When it comes to detailing your objectives and results, I recommend bullets rather than paragraphs. Don’t hide the important information from the judges. Make it easy for them to find what they need; anticipate the fact that they may be skimming entries by the time they come to yours.

Good luck with you next batch of award entries!


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Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 9.09.04 AMThe annual Cardiovascular Advertising Awards competition has an impending submission deadline of September 30, 2013. I received a direct mail piece from them yesterday reminding me of the deadline. These awards are produced by the same people who do the Aster Awards and publish Marketing Healthcare Today magazine.

All cardiovascular related marketing/advertising materials produced and/or distributed during the calendar year 2012 are eligible for submission in this competition. Single entries are $75 each. Campaigns are $100.

October 18th is the deadline for late entries, and those require a one-time $25 late fee. Entries will be judged on: Creativity, Layout/Design, Typography, Production, Knowledge Transfer & Overall Quality. There are a wide variety of categories for entries, including (just a few examples):

  • Billboard Design
  • Blog
  • Brochure
  • Direct Mail
  • eNewsletter
  • Logo
  • Magazine Ad
  • Newspaper Ad
  • Transit
  • Physician Referral
  • Publication
  • Radio Spot
  • TV/Video Single
  • Total Ad Campaign
  • Web Banner

For more information, you can visit their website at: www.cvaawards.com.

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Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 2.34.05 PMOne of my colleagues has been encouraging me to enter some of our work in the RX Club Show – an awards competition focusing on the creative aspects of healthcare advertising and promotion. For those of you not familiar with this competition, the show is judged in various categories by a panel of industry experts and is based solely on creativity. Creative concept and execution remain the only criteria for merit – not media buy or budget – simply creativity. In 2012 there were 9 Gold and 26 Silver winners combined in print, video interactive and integrated categories. The competition is now in its 26th year.

My question to you is: Do hospitals, or agencies representing hospitals, have experience entering and winning awards in this competition? If they win, is it an anomaly? I’ve always looked at the Rx Show as a competition primarily for companies in the pharmaceutical space and medical devices/supplies, rather than healthcare providers. So I’d love to know if hospitals have success within this competition. Some of the winners from last year were Genentech, Genzyme, Abbott Healthcare, Archimedes PharmaRX, Merck, Neutrogena Corporation, Stryker, etc. If you’ve got good information, please share.

The deadline for entries is August 9, 2013. The pricing per entry is significant. For print/interactive entries – Single Entry – $250 per entry. Campaign: $275.00 per entry. Pricing for video entries: Individual entries $275 per entry. For integrated campaigns: $375.00 per entry.

For more information, go to http://therxclub.com/rxentry.

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Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 2.13.47 PMOver the last couple of weeks I’ve received several updates from the people at The Global Awards including a press release announcing the 2013 Call for Entries. As an awards competition dedicated to the recognition of excellence in healthcare communications, I thought I would share some specifics within this forum. Enjoy!

The Global Awards® recently announced the 2013 Call for Entries. Now in its 19th year, The Global Awards receives entries from healthcare corporations, hospitals, advertising agencies, production companies, and design studios that produce communications for medical, pharmaceutical, and healthcare related products.

This year, The Global Awards added multiple new categories to their extensive category roster, as well as launching the Young Globals Student Competition.

New categories unveiled for the 2013 competition include three for products and services designed to promote wellness and healthy lifestyle. One of the new categories, Wellness Product & Service, launched under Communication to the Consumer/Patient, includes health & diet programs, prevention education, vitamins, and nutraceutical products. Categories include Print & Mixed Media, and Video / Audio / Interactive Media: Radio Commercial and TV Commercial. The new Corporate Social Responsibility category, for Communication to the Healthcare Professional & Consumer/Patient: Social Commitment (relating to health issues) will honor healthcare and consumer brands that contribute to the community by supporting and creating initiatives that promote a healthier populous.

The Global Awards launched the Young Globals Student Competition to support the work of upcoming student talent and to honor future stars in healthcare advertising. This competition showcases the most inspiring student work in healthcare advertising and offers a forum for students to be recognized and rewarded for their creativity. Categories include: Communication to the Healthcare Professional – TV, Radio, Print, Interactive, Guerilla, and Integrated (Mixed Media) campaigns; and Communication to the Consumer/Patient – TV, Radio, Print, Interactive, Guerilla, Outdoor, and Integrated (Mixed Media) campaigns.

The Global Awards Grand Jury is comprised of a panel of international industry experts, representing the top creative minds in the field of healthcare advertising. The 2013 Global Awards Grand Jury will be announced soon.

Ogilvy Germany earned the 2012 Grand Global Award for “Waiting. For Seven Years.” for client Foundation For Life – Organ Donation. McCann Health was recognized as Global Network of the Year and Langland, UK earned the title of Global Healthcare Agency of the Year for the second year in a row. The 2012 Global Awards Grand Jury recognized winners from 17 countries with 39 Global Awards and 136 Finalists with Global Awards presentations taking place in New York City and Sydney, Australia.

Entry fees for the 2013 Global Awards are: $345 USD for a single entry; $595 USD for Campaign Single Media; $695 USD for a Campaign Mixed Media; and $50 USD for Young Globals student entry. The Global Awards deadline for entries is July 31, 2013. For more information visit the Global Awards website at www.theglobalawards.com.

The Global Awards will host award ceremonies in New York City and Sydney, Australia on Friday, November 15th to celebrate 2013’s award-winning entries.

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Screen Shot 2013-06-02 at 5.06.35 PMLast week I received a reminder email from Mark Gothberg of eHealthcare Strategy & Trends about their awards competitions. I occasionally write for the publication and serve on its editorial board. So here’s the news: Only a month remains to send in your submissions for the 2013 eHealthcare Leadership Awards. June 30th is the first deadline. The late deadline is July 15, 2013. This awards program recognizes the very best websites and digital communications of hospitals and healthcare organizations, online health companies, pharmaceutical and medical equipment firms, business improvement initiatives, and supplier websites. Winners will be honored this fall during the Seventeenth Annual Healthcare Internet Conference in New Orleans.

There are a number of divisions you can use for your submissions depending on your hospital’s size:

Division I

  • Hospital Under 200 beds
  • Hospital 200-399 beds
  • Hospital 400+ beds
  • Healthcare System
  • Hospital Subsite/Center of Excellence
  • Medical Practice/Clinic
  • Other Healthcare Facilities (rehab, pysch, long-term care, etc.)
  • Healthcare Association/Professional Society

Division II

  • HMO/PPO/Other Insurers
  • Consumer General Health Site
  • Consumer Disease-Focused Site
  • Physician/Clinician-Focused Site
  • Pharmaceutical or Medical Equipment Manufacturer
  • Online Retail Store
  • Business/Process Improvement Applications or Products
  • Corporate Vendor/Supplier Site
  • Other Healthcare Sites

Award categories include:

Regular Award Categories

  • Best Overall Internet Site
  • Best Site Design
  • Best Social Networking
  • Best Rich Media
  • Best Interactive Site
  • Best Health/Healthcare Content
  • Best Mobile Communications
  • Best Patient Access & Convenience
  • Best Employee Recruitment
  • Best Care/Disease Management Site
  • Best Doctor Directory

Special Award Categories

  • Best Intranet Site
  • Best Marketing Campaign
  • eHealth Organizational Commitment

The cost for most hospital entries is $70. For detailed information and to complete an entry form, visit http://www.strategichealthcare.com/awards. Here’s a direct link to the online entry form: http://unix.strategichealthcare.com/awards/entry.php

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